Social Science in the News


Should the Government Fund Only Science in the “National Interest”?
National Geographic

Texas lawmaker steps up a fight over control of research funding. In May his committee passed a bill that would dictate a 40 percent cut to social science research at the National Science Foundation.

MTSU Social Science Symposium: “Worth Every Penny?: Debt, Education and Opportunity”

At Middle Tennessee State University Students, faculty and visiting scholars discussed whether the opportunities that higher education provides are worth the debt

Disparities of wealth under scrutiny
Independent Online (blog)

South Africa – one of the most unequal nations of the world – a country marked by financial, spatial, material, and programmatic inequalities, will host the third World Social Science Forum to discuss issues relating to growing trends of unjust inequalities that affect the very survival of individuals and communities.

Exhibition aims to share social science in Coventry
University of Warwick

The showcase, at the city’s Herbert Art Gallery, is being held to promote the importance of social science research in helping to build a better society.



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