Month: August 2016

A Milestone for the Mainstreaming of LGBTQ Studies

Scholarly and public interest in the field of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer studies, as well as to the vast array of research being conducted on LGBTQ lives, relationships, and communities, has moved well into the mainstream of academe, says the editor of a new award-winning encyclopedia on the subject.

6 years ago

Book Review: Political Science in Motion

What are the new challenges facing political science research at the beginning of the 21st century? Political Science in Motion, edited by Ramona Coman and Jean-Frédéric Morin, explores this question through a collection of essays that traces the major trends in contemporary political science research since the end of the Cold War.

6 years ago

Stern Review: The REF and the Damage Done

The new report of the REF from Lord Stern hopefully may shift the spotlight away from individual researchers themselves and onto the organizational practice of their universities, argues Richard Watermeyer.

6 years ago