Modern Britain’s Identity Crisis: Annual SAGE Lecture

Info about SAGE Lecture 2019

Journalist Mark Easton will address “Britain’s Modern Identity Crisis” as the the Campaign for Social Science hosts the annual SAGE Publishing Lecture. The lecture takes place on November 14 in London. For more information, or to view the program, click here. There is no cost to attend the lecture, but space is limited. To register, click here.

English nationalism appears to be on the rise as the glue holding the United Kingdom together weakens amid the tremors of Brexit. But is Britishness doomed? The BBC Home Editor Mark Easton considers modern Britain’s identity crisis and peoples’ relationships with power, drawing on recent research involving more than 20,000 individuals from across the UK.

A journalist, broadcaster and author, Mark Easton has spent more than 30 years chronicling Britain’s story for newspapers, radio and television and has twice won Royal Statistical Society awards for statistical excellence. As home editor for BBC News, he heads the UK Specialists Unit based at Broadcasting House. His book Britain etc. was published in 2012, he has also written and presented numerous series such as BBC2’s The Happiness Formula, the BBC Radio 4 series The Crime of our Lives and What Are the Police For?

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