Watch the Webinar: Tourism Management under COVID-19

In the posted video of the webinar, “Tourism Management under COVID-19: The Research Priority and Changing Publishing Landscape” two senior experts in the business management field, professors Chris Cooper and Haiyan Song, shared their research insights on tourism management with specific guidance to facilitate early career researchers.

Opening the webinar, professor Cooper discussed the research opportunities and priorities that COVID-19 presents to scholars in the tourism sector. He also highlighted the link between COVID-19, climate change, and tourism—with climate hazards exacerbating the impact of the virus (e.g., air pollution), while also highlighting positives such as a reduction in flying. He called this an opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build a new tourism that is built on research and is carbon friendly, sustainable, and innovative. He finished with an overview on how COVID-19 impacted the academic publishing landscape in terms, quality, and content of journal submissions.

Professor Song continued with a focus on tourism research amid COVID-19, looking at it both as a crisis and opportunity. He pointed out various research directions with recent journal examples, laying out their research rationales, framing, design, and results. Xuting Wang, manager of commissioning/rights at SAGE Asia-Pacific, finished with guidance to facilitate research and researchers in academic publishing.

Key takeaways from the video include an overview of tourism and pandemics, the identification of research priorities at this time of crisis, the changing publishing landscape of tourism as a result of COVID-19, tourism prospects post COVID-19, new research trends, and publication prospects to assist those who want to publish important and relevant studies in journals during this difficult period.

The webinar included:

Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper is professor in the School of Events, Tourism and Hospitality Management Leeds Beckett University in the United Kingdom. He gained his undergraduate degree and PhD in geography from University College London. Dr. Cooper has more than 40-years experience in tourism and has worked as a researcher and teacher in every region of the world. He gained experience in tour operation working for Thomson Travel before returning to academic life.

He is a member of the editorial board for leading tourism, hospitality and leisure journals and has authored a number of leading text and research books in tourism. He is the author of Essentials of Tourism, Third Edition and co-editor of The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Management.

Haiyan Song

Professor Haiyan Song is Mr. and Mrs. Chan Chak Fu Professor in International Tourism and Associate Dean in the School of Hotel and Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His research focuses on tourism and hotel demand analysis, service recovery, tourist satisfaction, and wine economics. Over the years, professor Song has played significant roles in a number of international consultancy and collaborative projects, covering tourist satisfaction and service quality indices, Asia Pacific visitor forecasts, web-based tourism demand forecasting system, and development of the Guangdong tourist satellite account, which all have considerable impact on tourist destination management.

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