Breakthrough Prize Foundation Announces Donation to International Group Seeking to Aid Ukrainian Researchers

The Breakthrough Prize Foundation announced on Oct. 24 a $3 million donation to a group of scientific organizations aiming to rebuild global scientific infrastructure in Ukraine. The U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and the Polish Academy of Sciences will lead the organizations, which will include groups from Ukraine, Germany, the United Kingdom, Denmark, France and Australia.

The Breakthrough Prize Foundation is nonprofit organization that seeks to dedicate funding and resources to global innovation and cultivating an international community of scientists.

This donation follows a $1 million donation to the NAS’ Scientists and Engineers in Exile or Displaced (SEED) initiative, as well as a June 13 open letter from the NAS, the all-European academy, four separate European countries released and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine offering resolutions on rebuilding scientific and research networks in Ukraine.

“With the help of the Breakthrough Prize Foundation, the international scientific community is coming together not only to provide much-needed support to Ukrainian researchers during the war but also to ensure that the Ukrainian research enterprise is ready to help rebuild the country and contribute to global science when the war ends,” said NAS President Marcia McNutt.

The donation will go towards funding the Ukrainian Science, Innovation, and Research Coordinating Group’s efforts to collaborate and assist researchers, share critical information and provide feedback on initiatives.

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Molly Gahagen

Molly Gahagen is a third-year student at Johns Hopkins University studying political science and international studies. She is currently the social science communications intern at SAGE Publishing.

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