Month: October 2023

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Too Many ‘Gray Areas’ In Workplace Culture Fosters Racism And Discrimination

The new president of the American Sociological Association spent more than 10 years interviewing over 200 Black workers in a variety of roles – from the gig economy to the C-suite. I found that many of the problems they face come down to organizational culture. Too often, companies elevate diversity as a concept but overlook the internal processes that disadvantage Black workers.

1 month ago
Close-up photograph of a musician playing a keyboard with a guitar in their lap and an open laptop sitting in the background.

Organized Creativity: Creative Processes and Constraints

Creativity is often associated with freedom, but creatives like songwriters must work within constraints as well. Sociologist and musician Tobias Theel discusses constraints and the creative process in his reflection on “Organizing Creativity With Constraints—Insights From Popular Music Songwriting Teams,” which was written with Jörg Sydow and recently published in the Journal of Management Inquiry (JMI).

1 month ago
Drawing of Claudia Goldin

The Many Wins Represented by Claudia Goldin’s Nobel Prize

Decades of research have seen economic historian Claudia Goldin methodically collate data and archival stories, detective style, to uncover explanations for the rise and fall (and rise again) of women’s paid employment over the centuries

2 months ago
Claudia Goldin

Harvard’s Claudia Goldin Receives Nobel for Work on Gender Labor Gap

Economic historian and labor economist Claudia Goldin on Monday received the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2023, commonly known as the Nobel in economics. The citation from the Nobel Committee cited Goldin “for having advanced our understanding of women’s labor market outcomes.”

2 months ago

Long Covid – A Contested Disorder

All pandemics of novel infectious diseases are accompanied by social pandemics of fear and action. Unless the social pandemics are […]

2 months ago
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Hal Hershfield on How We Perceive Our Future Selves

On his institutional web homepage at the University of California-Los Angeles’s Anderson School of Management, psychologist Hal Hershfield posts one statement in big italic type: “My research asks, ‘How can we help move people from who they are now to who they’ll be in the future in a way that maximizes well-being?”

2 months ago