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The Academy of Social Science’s mission is to promote social sciences in the United Kingdom for the public benefit. The academy is composed of individual academicians and learned societies; it responds to government and other consultations on behalf of the social science community, organizes meetings about social science and seminars on topics that span social science disciplines, and sponsors a number of efforts that promote social science and enhance its value to society.

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UK’s Academy of Social Sciences Names 37 Fellows for Spring 2021

Britain’s Academy of Social Sciences has named 37 individuals in its spring 2021 cohort of fellows. New fellows are recognized, after an independent peer review process, for the excellence and impact of their work and their wider contributions to the social sciences for public benefit.

2 years ago

Academy of Social Sciences Names 69 New Fellows

Sixty-nine academics, practitioners and policymakers from across the social sciences are now fellows of Britain’s Academy of Social Sciences the venerable society announced Thursday. Fellows are chosen after an extensive peer review process for the excellence and impact of their work using social science for public benefit.

5 years ago

Academy of Social Sciences Names 84 New Fellows

The Academy of Social Sciences has conferred the award of fellow on 83 leading social scientists, including such luminaries as Lord Stern, Nudge Unit founder David Halpern and Madeleine Atkins of HEFCE.

6 years ago

Making the Best of Brexit’s Impact on Science and Research

Addressing the consequences of the “prolonged period of uncertainty” in the three months since the Brexit vote, the Academy of Social Sciences and Campaign for Social Science recommend immediate steps the government should take to support UK science and ensure the “long-term health of research is kept to the fore” during the negotiation process.

6 years ago

After the Referendum – What Next for UK Social Science?

in the wake of the leavers winning the Brexit vote, the British Academy of Social Sciences predicts uncertainty for the social science community, ‘with implications for research funding, international collaboration, freedom of movement, and capacity building.’

7 years ago