Will J. Grant and Rod Lamberts

Will Grant is a talker, writer, thinker and reader, based primarily at the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) at Australia National University. His talking / writing / thinking / reading has focused mostly on the intersection of science, politics and society, and how this is changing in response to new technologies. Co-host of KindaThinky.com. Rod Lamberts is deputy director of CPAS, a founding partner of the Ångstrom Group, and a former national president of the Australian Science Communicators. He has been providing science communication consultation and evaluation advice for than 15 years to organisations including UNESCO, the CSIRO, and to ANU science and research bodies.

Inane Criticism of ‘Absurd’ Research Leaves No One the Wiser

Perhaps the solution to conflicting spending priorities, write Rod Lamberts and Will J. Grant, is simply to acknowledge that people will always have conflicting priorities, and think about how best to live alongside each other: mythical, homogeneous pub-goer and irrelevant, out-of-touch academic alike.

7 years ago