Ian Freckelton

Ian Freckelton is a professorial fellow in law and psychiatry at the University of Melbourne, an adjunct professor of law and forensic medicine at Monash University, and an adjunct professor of law at La Trobe University. A former president of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law he is the editor of the Journal of Law and Medicine and the editor-in-chief of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law. Freckelton is a Queen's Counsel at the Victorian Bar, practicing as a barrister throughout Australia.

Three-card monte

The Challenge of Regulating Research to Avoid Fraud

The more brazen the willingness to commit academic fraud, the harder it becomes to prevent, suggests Ian Freckelton. So while there is a role for codes of conduct or even criminal courts, finding ways to push temptation to deceive even further out of mind will likeley prove even more successful.

6 years ago