Sioux McKenna

Sioux McKenna is the coordinator of a Higher Education Studies PhD programme in the Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning at Rhodes University. This programme brings together academics from across the country and the continent more broadly to interrogate a spread of issues pertaining to higher education.

Why Developing Countries are Vulnerable to Predatory Journals

Predatory publications are different from mainstream journals because they charge exorbitant fees to publish the articles they solicit, and they don’t follow any of the quality assurance processes expected in academic publication. Academics in the developing world have become a favorite target for these journals, and many seem to be falling into the trap. We need to ask why.

4 years ago

Five Things to Think About if You’re Considering a Doctorate

After collecting reflections on their PhD journey from 28 doctoral scholars, Rhodes University’s Sioux McKenna distilled some of their collected wisdom into five ideas that might make the uphill effort to earn a doctorate less of of a Sisyphean task.

7 years ago