Santosh C. Hulagabali

Santosh C. Hulagabali is university librarian and director of internal quality assurance cell at Central University of Haryana, India. He is actively involved in training researchers and educators on matters concerning scholarly communication. He moderates the crowd-sourced blogs Open Interview and Open Commentaries.

Cartoon shows explorers seeking ethical research

Should We Mandate a Course in Ethics for All Research-Based PhD Candidates?

The Indian University Grants Commission (UGC) has introduced a number of policies aimed at addressing issues around the robustness and quality of Indian research. One focus of these policies has been the introduction of mandatory publishing ethics training for Indian PhD students aimed at reducing unethical or predatory research and publishing practices. In this blogpost, Santosh C. Hulagabali, reflects on the successful development of this course in his own institution and how ethical training may influence scholarly communication more broadly in India.

2 years ago