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President Signs Bill Setting Policy for NSF, NIST

Legislation that sets policy for the National Science Foundation has been signed by President Obama. The bill no longer includes funding restrictions on social science but does include language that has been used in the past to attack the disciplines.

7 years ago
Cory Gardner

NSF Policy Bill, Without Budget Authorization, Looks Likely to Pass

UPDATED WITH HOUSE PASSAGE: A bill that was the latest version of the beloved America COMPETES — but which no longer authorizes funding for key federal science research agencies — looks likely to land on the president’s desk. The new version has lost a particularly toxic aspect of earlier versions.

7 years ago
Lamar Smith

So It Goes – Travails of Science in Latest Congress

The latest re-authorization of the America COMPETES bill that dramatically reduces funding for social science (and geoscience) may very well pass Congress. Will the president be willing to veto an important bill that contains these unwelcome provisions?

8 years ago
Jousting knights

Seeking Champions for Social Sciences

Past attempts by American policymakers to degrade the role of social science in the nation’s research and educational infrastructure highlight the necessity of having champions ready to joust in the tourneys on Capitol Hill.

9 years ago
Signing original America COMPETES

How Much NSF Funding Goes to Social Science?

The social and behavioral component of the National Science Foundation’s budget is a small part of the total but of paramount importance to the discipline’s researchers, a relationship brought home as Congress gets ready to discuss funding.

10 years ago
Slide from Innovation Deficit video

Include Me In: Social Sciences and the Innovation Deficit

With a little more wiggle room in the U.S. budget this year, proponents of strong federal support for R&D and higher education are trying to get their message out about America’s lagging innovation. Social science and the STEM fields are making common cause in the campaign.

10 years ago
Lamar Smith

Cuts to Behavioral and Social Science Funding Threatened

Two pieces of upcoming legislation, the Frontiers in Research, Science, and Technology bill and American COMPETES, could include some unwelcome news for social and behavioral science if certain key legislators get their way.

10 years ago