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Celia Heyes

Celia Heyes on Cognitive Gadgets

How did humans diverge so markedly from animals? Apart from physical things like our “physical peculiarities,” as experimental psychologist Celia Heyes puts it, or our fine motor control, there’s something even more fundamentally – and cognitively — different. hear more in our newest Social Science Bites podcast.

5 years ago
Evolution cartoon

Is Evolutionary Psychology ‘Real’ Science? One Unhappy Take

Christopher Scanlon, an associate dean at La Trobe University, argues that evolutionary psychologists’ efforts to determine if people are ‘wired for happiness’ are faces some tall obstacles if they want their work to be considered scientific..

9 years ago

People are not Only Biological Machines

You can hardly open a newspaper or listen to a factual broadcast without some reference to neuroscience or evolutionary explanations of things that people do, feel or think.

11 years ago