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Social and Behavioral Science Responds to 9/11: Some Readings

In the two decades since 9/11, social and behavioral science responded with a wealth of research on the motivations — and the aftermaths — of the terrorist attacks. The collection of free-to-read articles drawn from journals produced by SAGE Publishing (the parent of Social Science Space) during those intervening decades demonstrates the breadth of that research and the various ways that these acts of violence still resonate in lives and in scholarship around the globe.

2 years ago
Alessandro Massazza

Reliving trauma, relieving pain: An ESRC Better Lives Essay

Alessandro Massazza, a PhD student in the Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, at University College London has received money from the Economic and Social Research Council to research the psychiatric consequences of complex emergencies. In this shortlisted essay from the ESRC Better Lives Writing Competition, in which PhD students who have received money from the ESRC write short essays about how their research leads too better lives, he explores how the double-edged sword of memory affects us after a traumatic event.

4 years ago

The mental roots of racial prejudice

Italian researchers find social conservatives tend to attribute more negative qualities to members of a minority group regardless of race, […]

12 years ago