Black sheep

Take Away Tenure, and Professors Become Sheep

Alice Dreger says shecan see clearly that universities in which the majority of the faculty feel unsafe in terms of job security become places where no one feels safe to do anything that might risk upsetting someone.

3 years ago

If We Scrap Tenure, What Would Replace It?

Universities need faculty who are dedicated to teaching, but the most persuasive argument in support of tenure – its role in protecting academic freedom– has come to be too narrowly associated with research.

3 years ago
puppet of old professor

So How Does Tenure Work in Europe?

With university tenure under scrutiny in Wisconsin and tenure itself under assault elsewhere, Jürgen Enders examines how academics are protected in three European countries.

4 years ago
Tenure comic from Jorge Cham

Preserving Academic Freedom When Tenure Is Tenuous

Cathy Sandeen, chancellor of University of Wisconsin Colleges and the University of Wisconsin-Extension, argues that universities need to be more honest on how academic freedom applies to different teaching roles in an environment where tenure is no longer a given.

4 years ago
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