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The Why of Turning Research Into Impact

Assertions that social and behavioral science have no real-world impact diminish our work and our world. One great defense is to understand how policymakers discover scholarly insights to ensure the uptake of your own work.

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As We Evolve Science Policy We Must Vigilantly Assess Its Changes

Considering a series of proposed policy changes by the National Institutes of Health, Micah Altman and Philip N. Cohen, argue they highlight wider systematic gaps in the evaluation of operational science policies and signal an urgent need to increase funding for metascience.

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Medium and Short-term Recommendations to Move Forward on Measuring Social Impact

In the concluding article from their measuring impact in the business field series, Usha Haley and Andrew Jack ask: Who does this system of research benefit, and how do we throw a wider net?

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Europe’s Research Universities Call for Harnessing Breadth of Social Science and Humanities

A new report from a consortium of European research universities says if the European Union really wants to achieve its stated policy goals, it had better heed the advice of the consortium on including the “broadest possible range” of social science and humanities insights.