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July 18, 2011

Our latest listing of new social science websites.

LSE launches iTunes
The London School of Economics is the latest of a number of academic institutions worldwide to launch its own iTunes presence. Access over 300 public lectures and conference programmes covering a range of social science topic areas. This is in addition to the YouTube channel And the audio and video page
For further examples of academic iTunes content browse the iTunes U section Examples include the Open University

Military Planning for Berlin Emergency (1961-1968) NATO documents now free online
NATO has now placed on open access key document from this era of cold war history.
They comprise over 400 declassified documents on western planning. The site also includes a glossary of acronyms and background history.

Man and Cameraman – revealing the photographic legacy of George Bernard ShawFirst 11,000 photos online.
Did you know that George Bernard Shaw was an active amateur photographer? Now over 11,000 photographs from his collections have been made available via the LSE archives catalogue. They include travel shops, portraits of famous persons, many previously unknown. The LSE archives blog Out of the box will keep you up to date with the latest additions and how to search and access them.

Youth and Media project
The Youth and Media project is an interdisciplinary academic collaboration of the Research Center for Information Law at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, this key research centre is investigating young people’s use of technology. This includes mobile phones, Internet and video games. There is interest in policy, youth and media in the developing world. It is possible to use the website to read the latest tweets and access recent papers and reports.

Taiwan Electronic Periodical Service: TEPS
Taiwan Electronic Periodical Services (TEPS) is an on-line database which an index to Taiwanese periodicals. It contains more than 750 Taiwanese periodicals, covering Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Applied Sciences, and Medical and Life Sciences. It is possible to search the database free of charge to retrieve bibliographic references and abstracts access to the full text requires a subscription.

Arab revolt- Reporters Without Frontiers
Reporters without Frontiers has created a special section on their website to cover the recent Arab uprisings. It includes a focus on press censorship, eye witness accounts from local journalists and discussion and news stories about the use of new media. All also available are chronologies of events in Bahrain, Syria, Yemen and Libya.

Archiving the popular uprising in Egypt
According to an article in the Higher education chronicle Khaled Fahmy, Professor of History the American University in Cairo is working with the Egyptian national archives to conserve and make available materials from the recent popular uprisings. Already available is a smaller ondependent initiative Tahrir Documents which is collecting underground newspapers, signs, and fliers that have been distributed in the square. You can browse the images by party, or topic. Most in Arabic only.

Uk Clinical Trial Gateway
Established in 2011 by the National Institute for Health Research on behalf of all the UK Health Departments and with the assistance of a number of clinical research charities. It aims to provide members of the public with easily accessible information on NHS trials.
On this theme access economic evaluations of NHS treatments and services via the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination website NHS Evidence is a search engine which provides free access to a number of database where you can find clinical revuiews and practice notes relating to the NHS.

Association of Muslim Social Scientists of North America (AMSS)
Useful website which provides access to information about the association which seeks to provide an interdisciplinary platform for academic studies of Islam, and the social sciences. Its website includes news plus access to reports and full text papers from many of its annual conferences from 2000 onwards. Topics include: Cosmopolitan Islam: Globalization, Transnationalism and Muslim Diasporas And Islamic Traditions and Comparative Modernities”

Open Grey
INIST and CNRS have just launched OpenGrey. This is multidisciplinary open access repository which provides references to grey literature (including theses, conference papers, technical reports) from major European research institutions covering the social sciences, science and some humanities. Coverage tends to be stronger in scientific and technical subject areas. U.K partner is the British Library Document Supply Centre. It succeeds the former system OpenSIGLE. Over 700,000 citations spanning over 25 years are currently available.. It also includes
includes preprints from the GL conferences (GreyNet International) in full text.

10:10 cutting your carbon footprint
A movement of people, organisations and businesses seeking to cut carbon 10% at a time. The website has online case studies, news and campaign materials.
It has also just launched My 10:10 a face book site which encourages competitions and comparisons with friends to lower carbon footprint output. Take a look to meet the friendly blob man!

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Thomas Thompson

Thanks for the shoutout to Tahrir Documents. I’m one of the folks who works on the website, and I just wanted to let you and your readers know that every document we post is available in English translation after the click-through from the main page to the specific article. Every word of original Arabic is translated to English by our volunteers prior to posting.