Time For Your Health Benefits Strategy to Shine

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As the future of health care reform hangs in the balance ahead of this year’s presidential election, a new article in Compensation & Benefits Review urges HR leaders to step up their strategies, arguing that there is no time like the present to get noticed by getting health benefits right:

Reform is difficult and confusing, but it is an opportunity to create competitive advantages within your industries. If you’re talking to people who think this isn’t a big deal . . . who think it will blow over politically . . . who don’t think the board and CEO will demand more than the minimum necessary change . . . who don’t think state health insurance exchanges will emerge as viable options. . . you need to talk to some different people.

A window is open, but it won’t stay open forever. Will you seize the opportunities that await?

Read on to find out why it is “time to shine.” “Health Care Reform : It’s Time to ‘Pay’ or ‘Play’” was published by Richard M. Wald and Shailey S. Patel, both of Deloitte Consulting LLP, in the March/April 2012 issue of Compensation & Benefits Review. Would you like to receive e-alerts about new articles like these in your inbox? Then click here!

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