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Andy Rhodes

I’m a huge fan of this book. I’ve been in a weekly book group for six years and after one year of my salesmanship and heartfelt convincing they agreed to read Pinker’s exploration of the decline of violence. I’ve debated the contents for the past three years in person and online with liberals and conservatives. They have knee-jerk criticisms that they tend to maintain no matter how much data one puts forward. Of course, Pinker writes about a lot more than the data in his book. He has many theories and analyses that one can challenge. Many academically oriented people… Read more »

shelley gilbert

Don’t include females when you talk about violence and “humanity.” When
it comes to violence, you’re only talking about males. Boys and men are
violent. They are the humanity you are talking about. Girls and women
are not violent. We like to get along. We create, not destroy.

John Doe

Preach it, sister! Women can do no wrong whatsoever! They’re all perfect, saintly goddesses! Women have never done anything violent ever!

Scott Colby

People behave according to the contingencies of reinforcement. Every behavior can be attributed to six causes: We behave according to six causes: 1. Genetic Endowment 2. Pre-natal chemical environment 3. Post-natal chemical environment 4. Pavlovian Conditioning: stimulus-stimulus-response 5. Skinnerian Conditioning: stimulus-response-consequence 6. Traumatic factors These are the causes for behavior and they work through generalization, discrimination, avoidance behavior, punishment, positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, etc…. People are violent or non-violent because they had reinforcing causes for their behavior based on an evolutionary history, environmental history and the current situation. You are an oxymoron that writes ignorant books because you were conditioned… Read more »

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