A Passion for Work: Part 2 of 5

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Part Two: Measuring Work Intention

In Part One of this series, we presented the concept of work passion as defined by the Ken Blanchard Companies. Today, we highlight a study in Advances in Developing Human Resources that offers a psychological model explaining how individuals form that passion for the job. “A Cognitive Approach to Work Intention: The Stuff That Employee Work Passion Is Made of?”  was published by Drea Zigarmi of the University of San Diego and the Ken Blanchard Companies and Kim Nimon of the University of North Texas in the November 2011 issue, and offers three recommendations for HRD practitioners and researchers who want to increase employee engagement or work passion:

adhrThe Problem.
The measurement of intention has not been used enough in employee engagement and work passion research
The Solution.
Using a social cognitive process model for employee work passion, the authors (a) define and describe the term work intention, (b) present three reasons why work intention should be measured, (c) summarize relevant research, and (d) suggest three recommendations for human resource development (HRD) professionals to consider.
The Stakeholders.
Stakeholders include human resource development scholars, practitioners, and scholar–practitioners concerned with the consequences of employee engagement.

Read the complete article and implications for practice in Advances in Developing Human Resources. To receive e-alerts about new research published in ADHR, follow this link. Balancing theory and practice, each issue of the journal is devoted to a different topic central to the development of human resources.

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