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March 22, 2013 18571

In the news this week.

The budget.

HM Treasury: Budget 2013 policy decisions
See our recommended academic links
See also the twitter account of George Osborne which was launched to mark the occasion.

Press regulation.
Read the draft royal charter.
See our recommended links on the blog
Economy of Cyprus.
Find some back ground data on the ongoing crisis. See the statement from the European Central Bank.
Get Euro area debt data from the ECB
The free World Bank data site has many useful graphs on Cyprus covering economic, finance and development issues.
The statistical service of Cyprus also has up to date economic data on its website
The IMF has issued statements and reports on Cyprus including the current financial situation. These can be directly downloaded from the website.
The Central Bank of Cyprus  also has financial data and reports. these include the monthly accounts
Finally sapienta economics provides free summaries of some of its analyses

Lobbyists 2012: Out of the Game or Under the Radar?
Interesting report issued by Center for Responsive Politics relating to the current extent and use of lobbying in American politics.
The website also has  a useful lobbying database with further facts and figures.
In the UK the Public Affairs Council
was created to provide effective self-regulation for those professionally engaged in public affairs. This includes the beginnings of register of lobbyists.  Membership currently comprises the Association of Professional Political Consultants (APPC) and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). Its website include minutes and lists. From a different perspective  Spinwatch monitors the PR industry. It website includes critical news stories and reports.

Child and Maternal Health Observatory (CHIMAT)
Looking for data relating to all aspects of the health of children and mothers? Try this website maintained by the Yorkshire and Humber Public Health Observatory (YHPHO) which aims to provide a central access point for authoritative data and news. There are separate subject sections for mental health, obesity, disability and maternity.
Each section has guidelines, needs assessments and data for commissioning and services. The data section has child health profiles for each top level local authority in England. there is also a NHS Atlas of Variation in Healthcare for Children and Young People which shows regional disparitie in children’s services.
For a broader perspective the WHO also has a special section of programmes and reports on all aspects of child health .The Global health observatory data repository  also has a section for maternal and child health with basic facts on mortality. And health services.

American University in Cairo Rare Books and Special Collections Digital Library
 Provides free acess to a collection of materials on the culture and history of Egypt and the Middle East. Notable features for social scientists include the Alexandria Bombardment of 1882 Photograph Album originally compiled by Italian photographer Luigi Fiorillo. It contains photographs of the British naval attack on Egyptian nationalists.
The University on the Square: Documenting Egypt’s 21st Century Revolution–  digital collection features oral histories, photographs, video recordings, drawings relating to the social uprising it is possible to browse by theme or location.
The Australian Women’s Weekly (1933 – 1982)
Freely available on National Australian web service trove.
This title has one of the largest circulations of popular women’s magazines in Australia. Its archive is of great relevance for students and researchers of social history as it includes colour images and contemporary advertising. Which are fascinating for tracing women’s history, advertising and popular culture trends during this time. Browse the front covers on the website or search by keyword.

State of Food and Agriculture in the world Now available on the FAO corporate repository free of charge all issues of this flagship annual report from 1947 onwards. These contain reviews of trends and data. Topics covered include: agricultural production, food supplies, consumer and agricultural food prices, trade, and land reform.

Opengendertracking project
 a project by Irene Ros and Adam Hyland from Bocoup in collaboration with Nathan Matias of the MIT Center for Civic Media. It aims to build software to track gender content in online news stories.  The website provides an explanation of the project. This launch page includes details about bias and the under representation of women in news stories. It includes stories measuring women in UK news

University of Adelaide Press EBooks
 now offers free pdf versions of leading academic texts.
Topics include media: Cyber-Nationalism in China Challenging Western media portrayals of internet censorship in China. Mainstreaming Politics: Gendering Practices and Feminist Theory
The library also has a large free eBooks at Adelaide. Collections include historic out of copyright titles covering all subject areas.
Zimbabwe approves new constitution
Zimbabwe Referendum Watch

Zimbabwe Referendum Watch from Sokwanele’s monitored the conduct of the election. It includes reports of abuses of rights. It also has links to constitution blog entries supporting the yes and no viewpoints.
See more resources for academic research on our blog

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