Business Communication Quarterly Is Now Business and Professional Communication Quarterly!

BPCQ.inddBusiness Communication Quarterly is now Business and Professional Communication Quarterly! According to the editorial by editor Melinda Knight, the name change “recognizes the multi- trans- and interdisciplinary nature of the fields that now represent business and professional communication.”

James M. Dubinsky, Executive Director of the Association for Business Communication and Managing Editor of Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, explains:

The reasoning behind the change from BCQ to BPCQ is a bit less transparent, but it is equally in line with our strategic work, resulting from our focus on disciplinary questions such as the following: What kinds of disciplinary backgrounds do our faculty have? How are issues in business communication relevant to other fields such as technical or scientific communication and vice-versa? What kinds of research methodologies are relevant, and where are their intellectual and methodological roots? The name change reflects our understanding of the answers to these questions and addresses the increasing interdisciplinary of our field.

The latest issue of Business and Professional Communication Quarterly kicks off the year with articles on social media, smart phones, texting and more. Click here to access the table of contents for the June issue. Want to keep up with all the news and research from Business and Professional Communication Quarterly? Click here to sign up for e-alerts!

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