UTSA’s Sáenz to Lead Southwestern Social Science Association

Rogelio SaenzThe Southwestern Social Science Association, the oldest interdisciplinary social science organization in the United States has elected the University of Texas San Antonio’s Rogelio Sáenz as its new president. Sáenz is Peter Flawn Professor of Demography at UTSA and has been dean of the College of Public Policy since 2010. He replaces West Chester University economics professor Tahany R. Naggar as president.

Sáenz has written and edited extensively on issues related to Latinos, demography, race and ethnic relations, immigration and inequality. And the SSSA annual meeting he will preside over next year in Denver is themed “Latinos and the Change of a Nation: Implications for the Social Sciences.”

“Throughout my term, the Southwestern Social Science Association will examine the possibilities of expansion of the association’s reach beyond the Southwest region,” said Sáenz. “We hope to also explore new ways to further promote interdisciplinary dialogue and incorporate social science research into the public discourse.”

The SSSA was founded in 1919 to promote, cultivate and correlate the various areas of the social sciences and their applications. The association serves as the umbrella organization for seven academic and professional affiliate associations in the fields of economics, history, international studies, political science, social work, sociology, and women’s and gender studies.

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