An Interview With James G. March From Journal of Management Inquiry

James G. March is well-known for his work A Behavioral Theory of the Firm  which first appeared in 1963 and made him a highly respected figure in the field of management scholarship. In honor of the 50th anniversary of A Behavioral Theory of the Firm, Chengwei Liu and David Maslach conducted an interview with Dr. March that was recently published in Journal of Management Inquiry.

From the introduction:

This article honors Jim March and Richard Cyert in this accomplishment. It provides a record of an JMI_72ppiRGB_powerpointinterview we conducted with Jim regarding BTF. This interview is unique. The interview questions were crowdsourced from the community of management scholars. We seeded the initial set of questions by seeking input from Jim’s immediate circle. From these set of questions, we created a ranked set of interview questions using a crowdsourcing platform ( We sent emails to the Academy of Management email lists and invited management researchers to suggest questions they wanted to ask Jim, and also vote for the questions that they wanted to ask Jim. These interview questions were based on the voting results (1,608 votes from scholars around the world). Not surprisingly, as Jim is recognized as an expert on many topics (March & Coutu, 2006), some of the highly voted questions were not directly related to BTF. We are grateful to Jim for also addressing these questions.

Click here to read “The First 50 Years and the Next 50 Years of A Behavioral Theory of the Firm: An Interview With James G. March” by Chengwei Liu, David Maslach, Vinit Desai, and Peter Madsen from Journal of Management Inquiry. Want to know about all the latest research and news from Journal of Management Inquiry? Click here to sign up for e-alerts!

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