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Today we wanted to mention some great resources that are available to you.

Have you visited our Leadership Solutions portal? Whether you’re a student, professor, practitioner or researcher, you can…

  • Search for a textbook by discipline or topic area
  • Demo an e-book
  • Read recent SAGE journal articles – Free
  • Hear from some of the biggest names in the field
  • Learn about upcoming events in the field

Visit SAGE Leadership Solutions

On the portal this month:

Peter Northouse’s Introduction to Leadership 3rd edition is available as an ebook. Experience the Leadership Profile Tool and Interactive ebook demo here

Read these free articles through December:

* Journal of Management – Group Ethical Voice: Influence of Ethical Leadership and Impact on Ethical Performance

* Leadership – Paradoxes of authentic leadership: Leader identity struggles

* Organizational Research Methods – Best Practice Recommendations for Designing and Implementing Experimental Vignette Methodology Studies

Speaking of articles…

Today is the last day for the annual Free Trial to all SAGE Journals. Click to register and enjoy unlimited access for a few more hours!

Click to register for the SAGE Journals trial!


You don’t need a free trial for this!

Want to read Open Access Management articles? Or Psychology? Or Sociology? Or any from dozens of other subjects?

SAGE Open has published more than 700 articles spanning the full spectrum of the humanities, behavioral  and social sciences.

See what 3,000+Management scholars and practitioners have found on Twitter Twitter@SAGEManagement

Follow us for the latest info on SAGE Management and Business books and journals, as well as general news and items of interest.

  • Free articles from top-ranked journals
  • Free sample chapters from the latest books
  • Conference news and related articles across the disciplines                                                                                                   and so much more!

If you’re into Research, there’s also Methodspace, where the research community meets.  Join them today.

 Thanks for your support of the blog! We hope you enjoy these resources.

The SAGE Management Team

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