Fred Luthans Named One of the 30 Most Influential Industrial and Organizational Psychologists Alive Today

We’re excited to congratulate Fred Luthans, a co-editor of Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, for recently being named one of the 30 Most Influential Industrial and Organizational Psychologists Alive Today by Human Resources MBA!


The study of organizational behavior, now a well-recognized subject in management, stemmed from the work of Dr. Fred Luthans. In his early research, Dr. Luthans applied reinforcement as a means of improving employee performance. His “Organizational Behavior Modification Theory” has been rated among the top eight theories in organizational psychology, based on importance, validity and usefulness. His research interests also include international management and leadership. Over the past decade he has formulated what he has termed psychological capital or simply PsyCap. The theory, research and application of PsyCap is now widely recognized throughout the world for its impact on employee attitudes behaviors and performance. He is a former president of the Academy of Management, currently editor of JLOS and holds an honorary doctorate from DePaul University.

According to Human Resources MBA, scholars were chosen based on their publicationJLOS_72ppiRGB_powerpoint history, their impact on industrial and organizational practices, their influence on future research directions, and their awards and recognitions. More information can be found by clicking here.

In honor of this recognition, you can read the November issue of Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies free for the next two weeks! Click here to view the Table of Contents. Want to keep up with all the latest news and research from Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies? Click here to sign up for e-alerts!

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