Family Business Review Seeks Proposals for Second Review Issue

six-books-1184809-mFamily Business Review is currently accepting proposals for their second Review Issue. The goal of the Review Issue is to provide a retrospective of research conducted in family business studies and to guide future areas in their development. Articles in this issue will critically examine gaps between ‘what we know’ and ‘what we need to know’ concerning key topics and methods of interest to family business scholars. A multitude of review topics would be appropriate for this special issue but a key criterion is that they help build knowledge for family business scholars while contributing to sister disciplines.

Each review must be comprehensive, summarizing research to date, and suggesting interesting research questions for family business scholars. In addition to reviews on topics typically found in the pages of Family Business Review and other leading journals within management and business that publish family business research, reviews of topics and methods that are integral for family enterprises but not yet found in management and business journals are encouraged.

Examples might include:

  • Addiction
  • Discontinuities vs. continuities
  • Cross-cultural research
  • Trust and trustworthiness
  • Practice-based research
  • Socio-material perspectives
  • Advising and advocacy

Proposals should be three pages single-spaced. References, tables, and FBR_C1_revised authors color.inddappendices may also be included as additional pages but the completed proposal must be no longer than 10 pages inclusive. The special issue guest editors will review the received proposals and invite authors to develop a full paper for publication consideration in this special issue. Prior to submitting proposals, authors are encouraged to review the editorials and previous review articles in Family Business Review including those in the 1st Review issue of March 2016 (please check Family Business Review‘s OnlineFirst section for papers to appear in this issue).

Proposals are due by March 1st, 2016. For more information, including contact information and submission timeline, click here. To submit your paper to Family Business Review now, click here. To be notified of all the latest news and research from Family Business Review, click here.

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