Shortlist for the Duckies 2018 Revealed

Duckies silhouetteThe shortlist for the Online Achievement in International Studies (OAIS) Awards, otherwise known as the Duckies, has been announced. As the ‘online’ in the name suggests, the Duckies honor achievement in blogging and social media; their origin dates to 2013 and the Duck of Minerva world politics blog, hence the names ‘Duckies.’

A collaborative partnership between SAGE and the International Studies Association’s Online Media Caucus to support and develop debates around public policy and the social sciences, the Duckies, going since 2013, have become a core event on the international studies circuit, bringing together new and experienced voices to debate issues within this prevalent field.

Ahead of the awards presentation on Friday, April 6, three influential international relations bloggers — Tanisha Fazal at the University of Minnesota, Steve Saideman at Carleton University, and Peter Trumbore of Oakland University — will give short Ignite presentations, offering an insight into how they create and maintain their own unique blogs.

Best Blog Post:

“Silvia Federici, Caliban and the Witch” by Natasha Heenan at Progress in Political Economy

“Can Civilian Non-Violent Action Deter Massacres?” by Oliver Kaplan at Political Violence at a Glance

“Charismatic Megafauna in Conflict Studies, or Why WWII is the Giant Panda of the Conflict/Security Field” by Cullen Hendrix at Political Violence at a Glance

“When engaged scholarship means resistance” by Erica Chenoweth on Political Violence at a Glance

Best Individual Blog:

Saideman’s Semi-Spew

Best Group Blog:
Human Trafficking Center Blog

Political Violence at a Glance

Progress in Political Economy

Best Twitter Feed:
Joshua Busby
Ben Denison
Rita Konaev

Special Achievement in International Studies Online Media:
Marc Lynch
Adam David Morton & Gareth Bryant (joint nomination)
Amanda Murdie

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