Election IQ: Bringing the 2018 Midterms into the Classroom

Every two years, Americans leave their daily routine behind to head to the polls, performing their civic duty by voting on issues and candidates at the local and national level. In just five days, Americans will cast their votes for the 2018 midterm elections (‘midterm’ because it’s in the middle of a presidential term), navigating propositions and politicians that will have the power to influence everything from the environment to education. For many, this is their first election, the first time they have a say in how governmental policies impact their beliefs and values. But doing the research and understanding what exactly one wants to vote for is easier said than done.

CQ election logoThis is where educators can step in; by bringing the elections into the classroom, professors can help students understand various opinions and points of view on big topics. They can facilitate a lively debate, answer any questions students may have, and overall help students grow more comfortable in their personal beliefs. Incorporating current events and issues in America and abroad into lessons helps give context to the larger historical patterns we see time and time again.

At SAGE/CQ Press, we believe that education and engaged scholarship make up the foundation of a healthy society. So for this election season, we challenge you to bring the election into your classrooms. For the next few days, we will be providing you with new content to help facilitate conversation within the classroom. We will be sharing slides, articles, quizzes, and more, all with the hope you and your students grow more informed and confident in your vote.

So follow along this week, both here and on Twitter @SAGE_News, for updates. And make sure to share your classroom experiences with #CQElectionIQ.


“Intro to Midterm Election 2018”— a classroom guide  so professors can discuss with students | From CQ Press

“Even Self-Identified Independents are Partisan in America” — by Christopher Devine, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Dayton and SAGE Open author | From Social Science Space

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