Free Webinar on Switching to Online Teaching

Tom Chatfield and Elspeth Timmans
Tom Chatfield and Elspeth Timmans

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, many universities around the world switched to online teaching and remote learning both at scale and at speed. This creates huge challenges for faculty – especially among those who haven’t taught remotely before.

In this free webinar, “Top tips for switching to teaching online,” hosts Tom Chatfield and Elspeth Timmans will address questions such as: What should I save my virtual face-to-face time for? How long does an activity take online compared to in the lab? How do I keep my teaching interactive? These are lessons they learned themselves in turning Chatfield’s face-to-face classes on critical thinking into a SAGE Campus online course.

The hour-long webinar takes place at 10 a.m. ET on Thursday, July 23. Click HERE to register.

Tom Chatfield is an author, tech philosopher and broadcaster. His nonfiction books exploring the skills required to thrive in a digital age, include Critical Thinking (for SAGE) and Live This Book! are published in more than 30 territories and languages. His debut novel, the thriller This Is Gomorrah was published last year. Elspeth Timmans is an experienced instructional designer and is the director of Jigsaw Learning, which provides instructional design consultancy for distance, blended and e-learning.

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