Our Consolation If Your Graduation Ceremony Was Cancelled: Win an Online SAGE Campus Course

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, much of it very sad. And so if you’ve been hard at work for years educating yourself, and this spring or summer was the time you’d expected a big and public graduation ceremony to mark your personal achievement and now that’s not happening, it’s hard to be open about your disappointment without sounding, well, wrong.

And yet … surely a little bit of open celebration was in order, and now instead it’s all stiff upper lips and well-meaning wishes delivered on Zoom. We get it – after all, SAGE Publishing was with you at every step of your academic journey, and we were ready for a little preening, too. While we can’t make up for the once-in-a lifetime moment that has evaporated, Social Science Space and SAGE Campus wanted to offer something to the graduates of 2020.

So as a gesture to all the grads whose celebrations were muted, we’re offering a chance to win something pretty cool to give you a leg up on your next step – free access to one of 10 SAGE Campus data science courses for 20 of you. These are top-notch online courses focused on state-of-the-art research methods useful for social and behavioral scientists, whether you’ve got further education in mind or are ready to start applying your education outside of university. The courses cost everyone else between US$99 and $299, but for our winners there’s no cost and we’ve saved you a (virtual) seat for when the courses start in September. 

Here’s the list you can pick from if you win: Collecting Social Media DataResearch Design in Social Data ScienceIntro to RIntro to PythonIntermediate Python SkillsPractical Data Management with RIntro to Data VisualisationInteractive Visualization with RIntro to Text Mining, and Quantitative Text Analysis with R.

These are native online courses that were thoughtfully built for remote learning — SAGE Campus was perfecting online learning, and these courses, well before COVID-19 hit. They have expert instructors who, again, built these courses to be digital, and focus is on building practical skills

You can click to see the small print below, but it’s super easy to enter this contest – be a 2020 graduate and fill out the form via the button below.


Click HERE to see the official rules and full terms and conditions.

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