CASBS Names 37 Scholars and Practitioners to 2023-24 Fellows Class

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The Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) at Stanford University has named 37 scholars and practitioners to its 2023-24 fellows class. The scholars represent 22 U.S. institutions and nine international institutions and programs. The 2023-24 class will arrive in early September, at about the same time the center’s next director, Sarah Soule, will take office.

Some additional fellows may join the roster in the coming months.

Members of the 2023-24 class conduct research in a variety of fields in the social and behavioral sciences and cognate disciplines, including anthropology, architecture, communication, economics, education, history, information science, law, medicine, organization studies, philosophy, political science, psychology, public health, sociology, and urban studies and planning.

“The center’s annual renewal of its intellectual community is always an anticipated occurrence, even more so this year with the arrival of a new director,” said Sally Schroeder, CASBS’s deputy director. “Accordingly, we worked hard to set the bar of excellence as high as it has ever been and attract interest from some of the world’s most innovative social and behavioral scientists.”

Several fellows are funded by some of the center’s partner fellowship programs:

  • Stanford-Taiwan Social Science Fellow Thung-Hong Lin supported by the Science and Technology Policy Research and Information Center within the National Applied Research Laboratories of Taiwan
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong-Stanford University CASBS Fellows Peter Ferretto, Michelle Miao
  • National University of Singapore Fellow Ivan Png
  • Curriculum Open-access Resources in Economics Fellow Mary Lopez. CORE is an open-access economics project governed by CORE Econ with a mission to reform the teaching of economics. At CASBS, that mission goes forward through the enCOREage project.
  • William T. Grant Scholars Program Fellow Emily Penner

In addition to fellows, CASBS has three other appointment designations: visiting scholars (academics who are spouses/partners of fellows), research affiliates (non-Stanford scholars who lead CASBS-based research projects), and faculty fellows (Stanford faculty who lead CASBS-based research projects). The center will finalize these appointments by late spring or summer.

2023-24 Fellows

Louise Aronson, Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

Bianca Baldridge, Education, Harvard University

Lucas Bessire, Anthropology, University of Oklahoma

Lisa Blaydes, Political Science, Stanford University

Ceren Budak, Information Science, University of Michigan

Peter Christensen, Economics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Sara Cody, Public Health, County of Santa Clara

Adel Daoud, Sociology, Chalmers University of Technology

Mark de Rond, Business, University of Cambridge

Elizabeth R. DeSombre, Political Science, Wellesley College

John Diamond, Sociology, Brown University

Peter Ferretto   History of Art, Architecture and Archeology, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Rene Flores, Sociology, University of Chicago

Santi Furnari, Business, City University of London

Barbara Keys, History, Durham University

Young Mie Kim, Communication, University of Wisconsin

Thung-Hong Lin, Sociology, Academia Sinica

Stefan Link, History, Dartmouth College

Mary Lopez, Economics, Occidental College

Conor Mayo-Wilson, Philosophy, University of Washington

Michelle Miao, Law, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Faranak Miraftab, Urban Studies and Planning, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

David S. Moore, Psychology, Pitzer College

Jennifer Morton, Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania

Micah S. Muscolino, History, University of California, San Diego

Emily Penner, Education, University of California, Irvine

Ivan Png, Economics, National University of Singapore

Erica Robles-Anderson, Communication, New York University

Ralph Schroeder, Sociology, Oxford University

Rachel St John, History, University of California, Davis

Jas Sullivan, Political Science, Louisiana State University

Kabir Tambar, Anthropology, Stanford University

Florencia Torche, Sociology, Stanford University

Stephan Vincent-Lancrin, Economics, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Louis Warren, History, University of California, Davis

Gabriel Winant, History, University of Chicago

Gideon Yaffe, Philosophy, Yale University

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Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences

The Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University is a national and international resource that exists to extend knowledge of the principles governing human behavior to help solve the critical problems of contemporary society. Through our residential postdoctoral fellowship programs for scientists and scholars from this country and abroad, we seek to advance basic understanding of the social, psychological, historical, biological and cultural foundations of behavior and society.

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