Santiago Cueto

Santiago Cueto is the country coordinator for Young Lives Peru and leads the policy and communications work in Peru. He is research director at GRADE in Lima, specializing in education. He holds a degree in Educational Psychology from the Catholic University in Peru and a PhD from Indiana University. In 2010, he received the National Award in Psychology by the Professional Board of Psychologists in Peru. Cueto is also a professor at the Catholic University in Lima and a member of the National Council of Education in Peru.

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How Does Economic Inequality Affect Children’s Development?

It has been widely recognized that poverty is a key variable to explain why over 200 million young children from low- and middle-income countries do not develop at similar levels as their non-poor peers. Time and again, our research shows that being poor often is associated with many other health and social problems that make it hard to get out of poverty.

4 years ago