Tiffany Puett

Tiffany Puett is adjunct faculty in the Department of Religious and Theological Studies at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. Her work looks at religion in the public sphere, especially issues of identity, belonging, and religious difference. She is also the executive director of the Institute for Diversity and Civic Life. Through IDCL, she directs Religions Texas, a digital public humanities initiative rooted in practices of community-based oral history that explores Texas as a site of religious encounter and a meeting place of religious difference.

Hooded Ku Klux Klan members beneath Jesus Saves sign

Making Sense of Religion in America Through Critical Race Theory

As a scholar of religious studies, I frequently use critical race theory as a tool to better understand how religion operates in American society. While critical race theorists initially focused on how race has been embedded in our legal system, the theory can also help us think about how race is entrenched in religious institutions.

2 years ago