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Here you can find a list of sources with in-depth detail, discussion and analysis of the ongoing and upcoming elections around the world. Visit these pages for more information:

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U.S. 2020 Elections

With only a few weeks to go before the U.S. 2020 Election, we have compiled a list of resources and articles pertaining to the ongoing events and developments. How has COVID-19 shaped voter turnout and trends this year? Why do voters behave the way that they do? Social science based approaches can shed light on how the democratic process works, voter behavior and the impact of institutional systems on voting. We gathered a handful of online resources and articles about the U.S. 2020 Election and the role of social science in understanding it.

Social Science Space Resources:

Additional Resources:

The National Council for Safety, Wellness and Protection has developed a graphic guide on How to Vote By Mail or Absentee in all 50 States

The Guardian has a section on the US elections that offers live coverage and commentary as events develop.

The BBC has an updated list of highlights, events and moments covering the U.S. election.

PBS News Hour has the latest on U.S. politics here.

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The Conversation shares up-to-date news articles, opinion pieces and features on all things U.S. 2020 Election related. Read more here.

Additionally, their section focusing on the census  also has some useful information on the election 

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Discover Society has a “Policy & Politics” section that covers the intersection of both in America and beyond.

More from across the web: 

According to this article, originally published on The Conversation, after Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis, what lies ahead could include a constitutional crisis over succession. Read more about what Stephanie Newbold writes here.