The Personal Benefits of Policy Impact

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The Personal Benefits of Policy Impact

From tangible career boosts to additional funding opportunities to genuine satisfaction in potentially having improved the human condition, these articles describe the benefits of having made an impact in the policy world.

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Why Social Science? Because It Makes an Outsized Impact on Policy

Euan Adie, founder of Altmetric and Overton and currently Overton’s managing director, answers questions about the outsized impact that SBS makes on policy and his work creating tools to connect the scholarly and policy worlds.

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The Risks Of Using Research-Based Evidence In Policymaking

With research-based evidence increasingly being seen in policy, we should acknowledge that there are risks that the research or ‘evidence’ used isn’t suitable or can be accidentally misused for a variety of reasons. 

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Jonathan Breckon On Knowledge Brokerage and Influencing Policy

Overton spoke with Jonathan Breckon to learn about knowledge brokerage, influencing policy and the potential for technology and data to streamline the research-policy interface.

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A Decades-Long Journey of Marketing and Public Policy Research to Support the Greater Good

Now more than ever, writes Maura Scott, as business professors, we must generate and disseminate knowledge that can help inform and promote business, as well as society’s greater good.