Journal of Management Inquiry

Who Needs Security?

Marshall Pattie, Laura Parks and William Wales, all of James Madison University, published “Who Needs Security? Entrepreneurial Minorities, Security Values, and […]

10 years ago

JMI Six Degrees Podcast series

As the Journal of Management Inquiry (JMI) approached its 20th year, Marvin Washington and Nelson Phillips called on the editorial […]

10 years ago

JMI- Six Degrees Interviews

The Journal of Management Inquiry has developed a new section called “Six Degrees,” in which important authors and professors of […]

11 years ago

Work-Life Balance

“Work–Life Balance?: An Autoethnographic Exploration of Everyday Home–Work Dynamics” by Laurie Cohen, Joanne Duberley, and Gill Musson was one of the […]

11 years ago