Still Crazy After All These Years: JMI Turns 20

The Journal of Management Inquiry (JMI) is turning 20!

To celebrate the occasion, JMI released a special anniversary issue in December 2011, featuring a selection of reprinted articles that are meant to capture the journal’s identity. Representing a range of genres and topics from the world of scholarship, education, and practice, the articles are accompanied by commentaries from scholars who are connected with their respective themes or ideas.

Reflecting on the history and impact of JMI, Kimberly B. Boal and Christine Quinn Trank authored the introductory essay, “Journal of Management Inquiry at 20: Still Crazy After All These Years.” To access all articles in this special issue, please click here.

From the essay:

We think it makes sense to use this anniversary to make note of the love and forbearance required to get to 20 because JMI is hard. In the thicket of journals participating in the citation chase, JMI is resolutely different. We won’t pretend that citations aren’t just as important to us as they are to other journals, but there is something about JMI and the people who publish in it, edit it, review for it, and read it that tells us that these people who virtually populate JMI care deeply about the issues that are discussed in her pages, and willingly participate in the work and courage it takes to break frames. That’s why JMI is hard. Our authors often go out on a limb and take the editors with them (and sometimes authors aren’t far enough out on a limb, and the reviewers and editors must nudge them further).

To learn more about the Journal of Management Inquiry, please follow this link.

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