NSF Funding

When Did Social Science Stop Being Worthy?

Social science and humanities spending by government is seen as a luxury by many. While there’s politics involved, some of that view likely follows from the yardsticks used to measure research value.

7 years ago
Frank Wolf

Largest-Ever NSF Budget Passes First Test

With no controversy and the only discussion about how best to honor the retiring chairman of the panel, the subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee that oversees the unlikely bedfellows of justice, commerce and scientific agencies has approved a $7.4 billion budget for the National Science Foundation.

7 years ago
National Science Board logo

National Science Board Critical of FIRST Elements

National Science Board steps beyond its usual comfort zone to lodge a criticism of NSF re-authorization bill that would establish role for Congress in picking research funding winners and losers.

7 years ago
Lamar Smith

Cuts to Behavioral and Social Science Funding Threatened

Two pieces of upcoming legislation, the Frontiers in Research, Science, and Technology bill and American COMPETES, could include some unwelcome news for social and behavioral science if certain key legislators get their way.

7 years ago

The Importance of Studying the Obvious

Everyone has experience being human, and so findings in social science coincide with something that we have either experienced or can imagine experiencing. The result is that social science all too often seems like common sense.

9 years ago