Research Assessment

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As We Evolve Science Policy We Must Vigilantly Assess Its Changes

Considering a series of proposed policy changes by the National Institutes of Health, Micah Altman and Philip N. Cohen, argue they highlight wider systematic gaps in the evaluation of operational science policies and signal an urgent need to increase funding for metascience.

2 months ago
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Greater Autonomy Needed to Reform Research Reassessment: A View from Spain

The Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment offers a window of opportunity to transform evaluation systems across Europe. However, in order to implement the qualitative style of evaluation proposed, it will be necessary to modify the processes and sites of evaluation in those countries relying on centralised evaluation system

4 months ago
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DORA Announces Three-Year Plan For Research Assessment Reform

The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment, or DORA, has released a strategic plan to reinforce the organization’s vision “to advance practical and robust approaches to research assessment globally and across all scholarly disciplines.”

6 months ago