Micah Altman and Philip N. Cohen

Micah Altman (pictured) is a social and information scientist at MIT’s Center for Research in Equitable and Open Scholarship. Previously he served as director of research for the MIT Libraries, head/scientist for the Program on Information Science, senior fellow at The Brookings Institution; and at Harvard University as the associate director of the Harvard-MIT Data Center, archival director of the Henry A. Murray Archive, and senior research scientist in the Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences. Philip N. Cohen is a professor of sociology and a demographer at the University of Maryland, College Park, where his research and teaching concern families and inequality.

Photo of an old-fashioned brass balance scale with selection of weights in front of it

As We Evolve Science Policy We Must Vigilantly Assess Its Changes

Considering a series of proposed policy changes by the National Institutes of Health, Micah Altman and Philip N. Cohen, argue they highlight wider systematic gaps in the evaluation of operational science policies and signal an urgent need to increase funding for metascience.

2 months ago