Journal of Management 2010 Best Paper Award Winners

The authors of the following five papers were all recognized for their high impact contribution to JOM with plaques at the JOM Editorial Board Meeting held during the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada.  In addition, Russell Cropanzano (University of Arizona) and Marie Mitchell (University of Georgia) were awarded a $1,500 cash prize after being selected as the paper with the highest quality and impact of any article published in 2005 by a JOM Award Selection Committee.

Alvarez, S. A., & Barney, J. B.  (2005).  How do entrepreneurs organize firms under conditions of uncertainty?  Journal of Management, 31, 776-793.  

Cropanzano, R., & Mitchell, M. S.  (2005).  Social exchange theory:  An interdisciplinary reviewJournal of Management, 31, 874-900.   

Ferris, G.R., Treadway, D.C., Kolodinsky, R.W., Hochwarter, W. A., Kacmar, C. J., Douglas, C., & Frink, D.D.  (2005).  Development and validation of the political skill inventoryJournal of Management, 31, 126-152.

Kirkman, B. L., & Mathieu, J. E. (2005).  The dimensions and antecedents of team virtualityJournal of Management, 31, 700-718.

Van der Vegt, G. S., & Van de Vilert, E. (2005).  Effects of perceived skill dissimilarity and task interdependence on helping in work teamsJournal of Management, 31, 73-89. 

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