Sharing Travel Experiences

Crystal Ip, Hee “Andy” Lee and Rob Law of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University talk about their article, “Profiling The Users Of Travel Websites For Planning And Online Experience Sharing”, just published in the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research OnlineFirst.

Who is the target audience for this article?

Researchers, online travel community operators, hospitality operators

What Inspired You To Be Interested In This Topic?

While eWOM plays a significant role in travel product decision, scant research has examined the profile of online users who share travel experiences.

Were There Findings That Were Surprising To You?

The propensity to share travel experiences decreased with age whereas education level up to college/university level positively influenced the willingness to share.

How Do You See This Study Influencing Future Research And/Or Practice?

Researchers could investigate the reasons for, and the processes by which, travelers share their travel experience online along with the medium (e.g., types of communication channels) they use.

How Does This Study Fit Into Your Body Of Work/Line Of Research?

This study incorporates User Generated Content (UGC) research, which I/ we have been working on.

How Did Your Paper Change During The Review Process?

The paper has been developed in a constructive and parsimonious way

What, If Anything, Would You Do Differently If You Could Go Back And Do This Study Again?

A survey could be developed to capture the reasons why travelers share their travel experiences online.

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