For Sociology, for the Public University… Join the Debate!

A blogpost on the BSA's blog 'Sociology and the Cuts' by John Holmwood sets out the potential c

onsequences of the government's higher education reforms for sociology. He argues that the identity and status of sociology as a discipline are under threat.

The issues John Holmwood raises will be discussed at the BSA conference at the LSE on 6-9 April. It will be the largest ever gathering of UK-based sociologists, and an opportunity to defend the discipline and the values of the public university.


British Sociological Association

The British Sociological Association is the national subject association for sociologists in Britain. Founded in 1951, our members are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds including research, teaching, students and practitioners in a variety of fields. Through a range of exclusive membership benefits, specialist study groups and a busy calendar of events, we provide a network of communication to all who are concerned with the promotion and use of sociology and sociological research, helping to improve our understanding of society and social processes.