Business and Society celebrates 50 years!

Business and Society was founded in 1960 and is continuing the celebration of their 50th anniversary volume with a June 2011 issue, which features a Special Research Forum (Part II) on Strategic Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability. The journal’s editor, Duane Windsor, kindly shared the articles from this special issue with Management Ink.

Timo Busch and Volker H. Hoffmann, of ETH Zurich, published “How Hot Is Your Bottom Line? Linking Carbon and Financial Performance.”

Tracy A. Jenkin, Lindsay McShane and Jane Webster, of Queen’s University, published “Green Information Technologies and Systems: Employees’ Perceptions of Organizational Practices.”

Peter Jack Gallo, Creighton University, and Lisa Jones Christensen, University of North Carolina, published “Firm Size Matters: An Empirical Investigation of Organizational Size and Ownership on Sustainability- Related Behaviors.”

Yadong Luo, University of Miami, published “Strategic Responses to Perceived Corruption in an Emerging Market: Lessons From MNEs Investing in China.”

Christie H. Amato and Louis H. Amato, both from University of North Carolina, published “Corporate Commitment to Global Quality of Life Issues: Do Slack Resources, Industry Affiliations, and Multinational Headquarters Matter?”

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