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Human Resource Development Review has four new articles available on OnlineFirst! They can be viewed here.

The most recent article, “Reverse Mentoring: A Social Exchange Tool for Keeping the Boomers Engaged and Millennials Committed” was published by Sanghamitra Chaudhuri, University of Minnesota, and Rajashi Ghosh, Drexel University Philadelphia, on August 23rd, 2011.

The abstract:

The aging of the workforce and the concurrent advent of the Millennials represent a major demographic and sociological phenomenon that can have dominant implications for organizations, as a whole. This presents a situation, where the Boomers and Millennials will be working together for the next decade or so. In the wake of mass scale retrenchments and economic upheaval, this is creating a greater urgency for HRD professionals to focus more attention on not only retaining this amalgamated workforce but also on keeping them actively engaged. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to propose reverse mentoring as a social exchange tool, which will leverage the expertise of both generations, that is, Boomers and Millennials, respectively, by being perceptive of their different needs, value systems, and work demands. We conclude by emphasizing different outcomes of reverse mentoring program for Boomers and Millennials and identify areas for future research.

To view this article, and others in OnlineFirst, please follow this link. The most recent issue, September 2011, of Human Resource Development Review can be seen here.

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