Presenting the jubilee issue of Social Science Information: Half a century of social science publishing

From Social Science Information

This Special Anniversary Issue celebrates the journal’s ‘silver jubilee’ of 50 years of continuous publication. The thinking behind its editorial make-up has been to invite key authors and members of the Journal’s committees, those who over the years have become very close collaborators, to submit an original contribution. Defined frequently as ‘generalist’, ‘interdisciplinary’, ‘innovative’, and ‘original’ the contents of this issue faithfully reflect SSI’s orientations as well as its unique profile in the well-populated global landscape of social science journals. Many contributors over the years have gone on to become eminent in their field, Luc Boltanski, Pierre Bourdieu, Richard Dawkins, Michel Foucault, Erving Goffman, Bruno Latour, Alberto Melucci, Henri Tajfel, Laurent Thévenot, Alain Touraine to name a few.

Following an introductory article on evaluation, there are four main sections that cover:

  • Theory and concepts in question
  • The human and social sciences, and the challenge of the future
  • Studies in science and technology
  • New research tracks

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Perazzo, A. (2011). Editorial: Presenting the jubilee issue of Social Science Information Social Science Information, 50 (3-4), 301-307 DOI:10.1177/0539018411411629

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Mark Hawker

Can anyone point/link to any article that Richard Dawkins has published in this journal? Seems an odd choice but happy to be enlightened!

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