Tips for Self Promotion of your Journal Article or Book

Are you an author, researcher, academic, or practitioner who is looking to self-promote your journal article or book?

Here are a few tips from SAGE:

  • Email your networks or post on listservs and websites about your recent publication
  • Add your journal article to your course reading list (if appropriate)
  • Use your book in the classroom (as a core or supplemental text)
  • Recommend your book or article to colleagues for use in the classroom
  • Present at national or regional conferences, and be sure to include mention of your published work in your biography or other handout materials
  • Write articles about your book topic
  • Do interviews about your book or journal article

Other options include:

– Contributing to Wikipedia

– Joining Twitter (SAGE’s guidelines for how to use Twitter are available here.)

– Adding content to Youtube (Take a look at the SAGE Channel here and let us know if you want us to add content regarding your journal or book.)

– Blogging

– Creating your own website

– Joining LinkedIn and Facebook

You can also join a SAGE Community Site. Sponsored by SAGE, these new online communities allow you to connect with other researchers, discuss issues and controversies in the field, discover and review new resources, find relevant conferences and events, and share and solve problems. It’s a great way to connect with fellow academics and introduce them to your work!

* Crimspace: The criminology & criminal justice network

* Communicationspace: The media + communication studies network

* Methodspace: The online community for research methods

* Socialsciencespace: A space to explore, share and shape the issues facing social scientists

Connect with Us!

SAGE has several robust social media channels where we can help cross-promote your content. Connect with us, post on our walls, and send us direct messages about your promotional efforts so we can re-post, re-Tweet, and help spread the word!

Please visit to view all our social media channels connect with us today!

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