A New Issue of Administrative Science Quarterly is Now Online!

Volume 56, Number 4 (December 2011) of Administrative Science Quarterly is now available online. This special issue highlights Social Psychological Perspectives on Power and Hierarchy. We hope you will find it insightful and thought-provoking. You can view the Table of Contents here.

The lead article, “Social Psychological Perspectives on Power in Organizations,” was published by Francis J. Flynn and Deborah Gruenfeld, both of Stanford University; Linda D. Molm, University of Arizona; and Jeffrey T. Polzer, Harvard University.

From the article:

Organizations are characterized by limited resources, conflicting interests, and task interdependencies, which make them rife with political activity. To understand organizational behavior, then, one must understand power, which inevitably shapes how people make decisions, allocate resources, and judge their colleagues. Power is germane to organizational behavior, in the sense that changes in power affect the functioning of any social structure, especially those marked by hierarchical differences. To be effective leaders, managers must be able to diagnose who has power, how it is obtained, and when it can be wielded effectively in order to advance their political goals and, in turn, benefit their constituents.

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