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Dr. Chris Johnson

I guess you oppose the views of the majority of the world including those of the Pope, most of Christianity, Islam, most of Judaism, Zoroastrianism, the Dali Lama and Baha’is that are pro heterosexuality in terms of the sacrament of marriage and shacking up. Typical liberal sociologists which find any behavisor which doesn’t harm (in their view) others as socially acceptable are preaching this in most sociology classes except mine.

Tina Hanson

Very interesting perspective. As I was reading the article I had to wonder why, in a country (USA) where marriage is no longer a top contender for social status, that we have placed this issue in the forefront? So many foundational issues/rights like discriminatory housing, employment, and the right to come of of hiding seem to have been overlooked and pushes aside. Regardless, the West has decided this to be the “Gay Issue” of the times and therefore thrusts it on the international table with expectations that all should devour it with the same hunger that we have. Have we… Read more »

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